Ripple CEO Endorses XRP to Be the Sole Contestant in the Crypto Trade Race

Ripple CEO Endorses XRP to Be the Sole Contestant in the Crypto Trade Race

Ripple CEO Endorses XRP to Be the Sole Contestant in the Crypto Trade Race

Ripple’s CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, seems quite positive about XRP being a better choice in cryptocurrencies. He recently opened up about his rationale for cultivating XRP. He disclosed all this in crypto evangelist Anthony Pompliano’s Off the chain podcast. The podcast reflected quite a lot about XRP and even demonstrated the perspective of the cryptocurrency’s originator.

The leader revealed his initial confrontation with Bitcoin to have happened in 2012. This was during a conference called “Dialog,” coordinated by Peter Thiel along with Auren Hoffman.

Regardless of his strong affinity for Bitcoin, Brad took a different course with his own cryptocurrency endeavor. He fathomed something that was unknown to most crypto stalwarts then. He took a deeper look into the issues that were prevailing around Bitcoin and proposed to solve them with tokens.

He said to have followed his only doubt regarding the technology:

What’s the long term opportunity of Bitcoin in a world where it is fighting against governments, and fighting against banks, and fighting against the institution, the man?

If you took a slightly different strategy with these things, would you reach broader adoption? Will you impact more people more quickly?

After his unsuccessful startup endeavor, Hightail, he took his baby steps to the new breakthrough. He got a lot of recommendations to join the product giants, including Visa, Paypal, and more, but he believed in his calling to join the Ripple team.

Brad also indicated that, though Ripple claims to have more than 200 users, he is unsure of the exact number of users it has. He also spoke about an unprecedented fact about Ripple, that it executes 2 enterprise-grade agreements a week and is anticipated to decipher into a lot this year. He even contended about Ripple surpassing its 3rd quarter milestone, saying that it was a “leading indicator of increased adoption” this year.

Speaking about his notions of Bitcoin, Brad cited his “long on Bitcoin” attitude. Having said that, Bitcoin harbors some problems regarding scaling and out-of-work. He even indicated the impotency of Bitcoin to solve the exhaustive set of obstacles. He asserted

XRP, to be uniquely positioned to solve all the fourteen problems in the payment system.

He said,

XRP ledger is roughly 1,000 times faster per transaction and 1,000 times cheaper per transaction…the only example of crypto and blockchain being used at scale, period.”

It is also observed that this surfaces at a time when people are truly embracing and reaping the benefits of XRP as a cryptocurrency. Brad Garlinghouse also reportedly supported President Trump’s and Steven Mnuchin’s statement that indicated the necessity of a regulatory framework with regard to Facebook’s Libra.

The famous cryptocurrency trader, NebraskanGooner, also said that XRP is positioned to be the pioneer in cryptocurrencies with unexpected growth.

Even the superstar Trader Galaxy argued that XRP is very soon expected to execute it’s the biggest movement this year, around the Ripple’s swell event on 7th November.

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