Banxso Review | The Detailed Guide To BANXSO

Online Trading Platforms

An online trading platform is simply software that allows investors and traders to trade online. These platforms provide bundled features like various tools for charting, real-time quotes, news feeds, and premium research tools. In addition to this, these platforms have the facility to customize as per the specific market such as stocks, currencies, options, or futures markets.

The platforms are generally offered at a small fee by online brokers.

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What is Banxso? 

Banxso is one of the kinds of online trading platforms, which provides commission-free online trading. The platform lets the users trade in multiple markets. It provides umpteen trading options for a variety of traders, suiting their goals and interests.

You can trade multiple currencies, be it cryptocurrency, foreign exchange, indices, commodities, stocks, or even more on this platform. Banxso aims to provide a seamless trading and investment experience for everyone to enjoy and make a profit out of it. Banxso also provides understanding and insights regarding the world of trading. They provide knowledge of how trading works.

Banxso platform is an easy-to-master platform, offering various safety features and global reach. Even beginners can start the trading practice with a meager amount of money. Beginners are provided with comprehensive training so that they become fully informed of the trading practices.

Not only this, but Banxso also provides sub platforms to their users so that traders and users from diverse backgrounds can get their requirements fulfilled. Such two platforms are MT5 Platform & Mobile Platform. Both platforms bring together features and functions which are unique.

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Pros and Cons of Banxso 

Like any online trading platform, Banxso offers its unique benefits and cons too. Let’s understand them in detail.

Pros of Using Banxso Platform:

  • Authenticity

Security and authenticity are the prime features of the Banxso trading platform. The platform includes various security protocols, which assure the deposits and withdrawals of the users are safe.

  • Security

Other pros of using the Banxso online platform are the security tools and licensing features this platform offers to its users. Banxso has all the necessary legally bound licenses that overlook the profits being earned. Regular audits of funds, deposits, withdrawals, and trades are something that gives credibility to the Banxso online trading platform.

  • Trading Platform Fees

The platform offers the best customer service, with lower commission charges in the market. It is not just the lowest but customized to the user’s needs so as to protect the user’s pockets.

  • Numerous Markets Accessibility

Banxso’s online platform supports various markets for trading. It provides different markets under a single roof for its users & traders.

  • Multi-Functional Platform

Banxso platform has multiple features, which are customized for their users in terms of products, services, & platforms. These features provide an edge to their users over the others for trading.

  • Simple Interface

Banxso comes with an extremely safe and easy to comprehend user interface. All kinds of users and traders can easily learn and trade through the platform.

  • Edge-Over Technology

Having cutting-edge technology gives the Banxso platform an advantage over others in the world of trading.

  • Quick Implementation

Banxso platform allows quick and swift execution of transactions on its platform.

  • Customer Assistance:
  • Round-the-clock customer support is available for the customers.

Cons of Using Banxso Platform:

  • Higher Risk for Beginners

Online trading has become easier in the past few years. It is as easy as clicking a button and the transaction is done. You can link your bank accounts to the platforms and then the investment is just a click away, which can, at times, result in poor investments.

Naturally, this convenience becomes a risk for beginners. Probably with lesser knowledge and experience of trading, they may end up making wrong investment decisions. And would lose thousands of dollars in just a matter of minutes.

  • Working Internet Is a Must

Since you are working in real-time, you need an uninterrupted and good working internet connection. If you are getting a bad time from your internet, then a lot of opportunities would be missed out.

You might miss a lucrative offer within seconds if your internet speed is slow or facing connectivity issues. Without a fast and good network, it becomes difficult to cope with the real-time trade movements or information of the market.

Trading Products Offered by Banxso 

Forex Trading

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Foreign exchange trading is good for new users as well as experienced ones. One can practice and hone their trading skills with forex trading. Forex is popular because it is a low-entry point in the market. This means you can enter with a small capital and trade in the market. 

It also provides flexibility and liquidity in terms of trading options. One can trade any time of the day during the working days (5 days a week). The currencies being traded are liquid in nature, which enables the trade to happen quickly and with lower risks of volatility. 


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Banxso provides its users the opportunity to trade in stocks, equities, and bonds across the global markets.


The indices option allows the Banxso users to trade in the group of assets. Indices are traded in a similar manner to stocks. But they are a group of stocks, the weighted average of a collection of stocks. 


Banxso provides alternative options to trade in popular Commodities at Banxso, like metals, energy, and other soft commodities (wheat, rice, corn, and cocoa, among others). Not only Banxso allows users to trade but also provides educational material to give them the confidence to trade in commodities. 


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Since the world of cryptocurrency is coming into the limelight in the past few years, it cannot be simply avoided. Banxso allows its users to educate about various currencies running in the market. Banxso provides daily updates and the latest news related to the world of cryptocurrency. These daily informative resources help the users to make informed decisions in cryptocurrency. 

Users can trade in various cryptocurrencies through Banxso platforms, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, among others.

Trading Platforms Offered by Banxso 

Banxso with two of its platforms has attracted thousands of users across the globe. The platforms are made with the commitment to provide state-of-the-art technology to their users (traders). 

Understanding the different needs of traders as per their financial goals, Banxso offers its different platforms ‘Meta Trader 5’ and ‘Mobile.’ Both these platforms have unique features and bring extra benefits in addition to the basic services.

Meta Trader 5 

MetaTrader 5 (MT5) is a multi-asset platform. The platform is equipped with tools to help in comprehensive and flexible trading operations for Banxso users. It is for the users who plan to go beyond just forex trading. It covers both centralized and decentralized markets. The platform is 64-bit based, multi-threaded platform, allowing its users to view and trade across markets. 

MT5 uses algorithmic trading. The platform can perform automated trading for its users. An underlying algorithm helps the system to analyze quotes and perform trading operations on your behalf. Custom triggers can also be created on this platform. 

It has got a mix of smart tools, which allows you to do technical and fundamental analyses. It also offers MQL5 development, testing multi-currencies, and alerts with video and the latest financial news.

Since Banxso is global, the language barrier has been removed to enhance the experience of its users. The user interface is created for different languages. Even if you don’t know English, you can operate on the Banxso platform and avoid mistakes due to language barriers.


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As the name suggests, Banxso’s Mobile Platform is nothing but a mobile application for the trading platform. It comes for both Android and iOS mobile platforms. The app can be used for doing transactions over the phone or tablet. The app allows the traders to do the trading operation at ease through their smartphones or tablets in their hands. 

Banxso Customer Support 

The customer support system of Banxso is streamlined and fast in response. It is built to help its users. Any question or problem can be shared with customer support and a prompt response can be expected. 

Different ways you can connect with the customer support system of Banxso include:

Through Email

Anybody can send their queries over an email to their support email id While sending the email, mention your full name and contact information so that the Banxso customer team can reach back to you. Typically the email requests are answered within 24hours of submitting. 

Through Telephone

You can also connect over the telephone and speak to a person about your challenge. You can do so via calling on the support service number +27-080-099-7915. 

Have all the required and related information ready with you before calling the number. This will help in making the person understand your query/challenge better and faster.

Live Chat

Banxso customer support team can be reached and spoken to directly through the live chat function. Banxso live chat facility is available throughout the day (24 hours), 5 days a week. 

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Knowledge Center

A knowledge repository consists of a lot of webinars, informative articles by industry experts, and market reviews on a daily basis. Even various trading ideas about different aspects of trading and investment are mentioned over the knowledge repository. 

Trading Tools

Banxso’s support system for its users also contains various trading analysis tools. These tools help the users in trading like a pro. 

Human Support

Personal one-to-one support is also offered by Banxso to its users. You can meet with a representative of Banxso face to face and get your problems resolved. Contact or visit the local embassy office located in South Africa (address given on the website).

Because of the pandemic (Covid-19) restrictions, limited human support is being provided. One would have to take the prior appointment to meet the representative. The meeting can be scheduled using the ‘Calendly’ application over the internet. 

Banxso Education 

Banxso has developed an enriched knowledge platform for its users to become successful traders. The goal is to train people across the globe and help them earn primary or secondary income through online trading. Be it in forex, cryptocurrency, or stocks, trading requires various skill sets and understanding.

Some of the skills required are analytical thinking, basic and advanced math, and calculation of risk, among others. It has made its academy material free for all of its users. Banxso education comprises of following:

  • Online courses come with a lot of webinars on different topics and insightful articles. These all are prepared, recorded, and written by Banxso trade experts.

These online courses cover a variety of topics of the trade. Cryptocurrencies, stock markets, indices, and commodities, among others, are covered in these online courses. Apart from this, trading strategies and experience insights are also covered in the online courses. 

  • Personal Coaching – Banxso believes in the power of mentoring. Even though there are people who love to learn at their own pace. Self-motivation and self-learning are important in the business of trading. But if someone with experience is personally available to guide and mentor, it has a profound impact on the learner.

Banxso has, therefore, invited industry (trading) experts. These experts take face-to-face sessions with Banxso traders. If you prefer to speak to someone about the trading practices, you just need to sign up for a personal coaching session with Banxso.

Banxso’s personal coaches will not only answer your queries but help you with practical tips about trading and making a profit out of it. They will help you understand and analyze the trading decisions you have taken and how it has resulted. If required, Banxso’s coaches will help you create your trading plan in accordance with your trading goals.

  • Trading Ideas – Banxso talks about market trends and forecasts future trajectories. They are providing technical analysis about assets, doing forecasting about markets, precisely forecasting the short and long-term movements.

Market reports are being rolled out daily, which focuses on news of politics, economics, and environmental issues that impact the stock exchanges and price movements. These Banxso’s reports help you to stay up to date with the latest happenings. This, in turn, makes you feel confident about the market even at times when markets suddenly change direction.

The other important knowledge material provided by Banxso is its webinars. These cover a wide range of topics providing answers to all your questions. The webinars have been made interactive so that you can exchange opinions with other learners. This way deeper understanding and insights into financial markets can be taken and the art of trading can be learned. 

Even videos, voice notes, and presentations used during the webinars will be shared with you. You can keep revising them and use them for future references. 

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Is Banxso Legit or not?

Banxso is a legit platform, which is authorized and regulated by CySEC. The user can have a signed agreement with Banxso when getting registered with their services. You can communicate through email, telephone, chat on the website, or in writing to their office address. 

Before becoming a user with Banxso, you also need to provide your “Know Your Customer (KYC)” documents and personal information. This would be followed by a verification process. The user has to submit certain documents, such as proof of address and a copy of a government-issued identity document, to complete the verification process. 

Why trade with Banxso? 

A few of the major reasons, which compel the users to trade using the Banxso platform are mentioned below:

One-Stop Solution

Banxso offers a one-stop solution for all your investment needs. Often investors search and use different platforms to work with a diversified financial portfolio. But thanks to Banxso, now you get to trade in different financial markets from one single platform. 

Banxso offers a holistic platform that is not only user-friendly but comes with a high degree of security too. Anyone can easily invest using the user-friendly interface. The simplicity of the platform makes the platform distinctive and separates it from similar platforms. 

No Hidden Fee or Commission

There are various platforms charging high fees from investors or keeping the fee or commissions hidden. With Banxso it is different. The platform makes transparent and investor-friendly policies, which when adopted by the platform prove to be beneficial for traders. There is no hidden fee or commission. This further increases the profit-making prospect in the investment process. 

The different investment solutions by Banxso will help you to trade with utmost ease and comfort. Some of the services, which are offered by the platform include bonds, stocks, and buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. 

Equal Opportunities

Banxso believes in providing equal opportunities, which is why it offers a wide range of handy and smart tools that help in maximizing the returns on investment. Investors can customize their trading solutions as per their financial goals. They also facilitate insights in the forms of articles and news. These insights when coupled with real-time analysis of trends, help the investors to form the strategy and make most of their investment 

AI-based Technology 

Banxso with a proprietary algorithm provides trading solutions, which are based on artificial intelligence. This helps their investors to stay ahead and make most of the returns on the investment they make. Their responsive and supportive customer service is also there to assist you whenever they face any challenge or issue with using the tools while investing.


Banxso is a one-stop destination for investment solutions. It helps investors and traders to kickstart their trading activities. It covers diverse markets such as stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies, commodities, etc. 

Banxso, therefore, allows umpteen investors and traders to bag the opportunity to trade in indices, stocks, and forex, among others. Several other competencies, like state-of-the-art technology and 24X7 customer assistance, makes Banxso one of the most reliable online trading platforms in today’s era.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

I Am New to Trading or Investment. How Can I Learn More about Investment Strategies and Trading?

Banxso has its own education center, which offers a variety of courses to help you learn about investment and trading. You can access umpteen educational resources, like webinars, online courses, and even personal coaching from trading experts. All these have been designed to help you in becoming smart, confident, and a better trader. Once you become a Banxso user, you will have full access to these educational materials.

Why Should I Trade with Banxso?

Banxso offerings will leave you wanting more. You can trade what you wish to, how you wish to, and when you wish to. The platform will always help you to find better trading assets and to diversify your investment portfolio. 

With Banxso, you will be: 

  • Assisted to make short/long term investment strategies.
  • Provided with smart and advanced tools, latest market insights, and market analysis in real-time.
  • Charged with lower prices so that you can maximize your profits.