Alt Tech Social Media Platform Banned By Apple From App Development


Alt Tech Social Media Platform Banned By Apple From App Development

Over the past couple of few years, free speech on social media has become one of the most polarizing topics for users, social media company executives, free speech activists, and also politicians. While most agree with the right to free speech, plenty of people have complained against the emergence of hate speech, trolling and targeted harassment of individuals that made social media companies take action at last. Many accounts were banned on both Twitter and Facebook over the years, and eventually, the narrative shifted to the fact that the biggest platforms were simply not in favor of free speech.

It was around that time that the social media platform Gab became popular due to its supposed commitment to unfettered free speech and before long it gained in influence. However, the company is now in difficulty as tech giant Apple has retaliated to Gab’s anti-trust complaint by throwing it out of the app development platform. It means that Gab will no longer be able to create apps that are meant for Apple users and needless to say, it is a significant blow for the company. A few weeks back it had emerged that more regulatory scrutiny was coming for the biggest tech companies from the anti-trust regulators and hence Gab’s complaint to the Department of Justice regarding Apple’s anti-competitive antics is not going to be treated lightly.

In its complaint, Gab had claimed that the big tech companies are using their might to curb the growth of ‘alt tech’ companies and hence the company is eager to spark a conversation regarding the issue. Back on 6th June, Gab had tweeted,

BREAKING: Gab’s attorneys have submitted a complaint to the Department of Justice in hopes of sparking a serious investigation into Big Tech’s business practices to determine if, and how, they are behaving in a deliberately anti-competitive manner against alt-tech businesses.

Once the complaint had gone through, Gab noticed that one of its latest products, the Dissenter Web Browser has now been approved by Apple’s app store. On top of that, Gab’s developer account was banned altogether.

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