Coinitix: A Safe Crypto Exchange Worth a Try

Coinitix: A Safe Crypto Exchange Worth a Try

Coinitix: A Safe Crypto Exchange Worth a Try

What is Coinitix?

Coinitix is a leading crypto exchange, and the platform offers incredible services. Coinitix is known for its transparent and fair dealings. Signing up with the crypto exchange is very straightforward, and in no time, anyone can begin buying on the platform. Let’s have a look at what makes Coinitix a great choice over other crypto exchanges:

  1. When you sign up, you can hop on board instantly as the verification process at Coinitix is prompt and quick. This advantage becomes more special when we compare it with other platforms, where the same verification process takes even a few days!
  2. The payment process at Coinitix is straightforward.  It is a clear process that does not keep the trader waiting, and the profits get reflected in their accounts soon after the clearing of the payment.
  3. Often, as is the case with many crypto exchanges, the trader meets many hidden costs and unknown commission cuts on their profits that are not declared before. For this reason, a transparent platform is an asset in itself. With Coinitix, the trader is kept well-informed about all fees and commissions.
  4. The crypto exchange has a dedicated multilingual customer support team. They’re available 24/7 over email or live chat, and they help traders from all over the world to get prompt answers to their queries whenever they desire.
  5. Coinitix is a crypto exchange that earns full marks in offering a safe trading environment for all. It is fully regulated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Republic of Estonia.

Bitcoin: A Brief Background

Bitcoin is a digital currency that was developed back in 2008. While Satoshi Nakamoto is considered to be the founder, there is no concrete evidence to prove the exact creator of the digital currency. The consensus is that the name Satoshi Nakomoto is a pseudonym for an anonymous group of developers.

Bitcoin’s greatest advantage is that it allows direct online transactions between the concerned parties. There is no middle man present in such transactions. Along with this, there are other benefits such as greater privacy, no interference from any centralized body (such as any government or banks), and lower transaction costs. It operates on a decentralized platform and is not subject to government regulation.

Bitcoin works on a public ledger where all transactions are time-stamped and transparent. All of these features make bitcoin a safer option against online fraud. The fact that Bitcoin is not a legal tender brings us to the following question—

Why should one use Bitcoin?

  1. Autonomy

Bitcoin offers users greater control over funds and low transactional fees. Because of its decentralized nature, it is quicker and more transparent.

  1. Encrypted and Permanent

Bitcoin works on the cryptographic ledger. Any changes made are recorded via time-stamping and digital-tracing. Thus stakeholders are aware of any updates or modifications in the transaction.

  1. Bitcoin is an investment worth making:

Bitcoin can be used globally without any conversion charges. It offers a great deal of freedom while simultaneously maintaining its value.

  1. Fake money is possible, but fake Bitcoin— nope!

Bitcoin can’t be copied or duplicated because it is a product of an encrypted blockchain ledger. It is not a physical commodity like traditional cash that can be duplicated.

Despite all these advantages, most traders still find working with Bitcoin quite overwhelming and unsafe. However, this fear stems from a lack of exposure, knowledge, and know-how of the different platforms available.

To Conclude

Before choosing any crypto exchange, you need to consider fees and currency pairs. Opting for a secure and reputed broker is essential, and Coinitix can help you on your bitcoin journey.

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