USA Offers Support to Ghana for Lifting Education Sector

USA Offers Support to Ghana for Lifting Education Sector

USA Offers Support to Ghana for Lifting Education Sector

Pledging the US government’s support to Ghana, the US ambassador to Ghana, Ms. Stephanie Sullivan, paid a courtesy visit to the Education Minister of Ghana. The Ambassador deliberated with the Education Minister on the current academic situation in Ghana and assured all the support of the US government to develop the country through the upliftment of the education system.

During the deliberations, many issues related to the overall development of Ghana figured and the Ambassador also hinted that 150 American peace Corps would arrive in Ghana in September later this year to support its holistic development. The cooperation between the two countries goes back a long way, and this particular visit has been specifically paid to strengthen the relationships between the two countries further.

It is also important to understand that the US has provided considerable support to Ghana in the past, and the process is likely to remain intact in the present and future too. The Ambassador expressed her satisfaction with how the Ghana government is working to eradicate poverty and improve the country’s education level.

Further extending the support, Ms. Stephanie said that the US was ready to work with the government of Ghana and specifically with the Education Ministry of the government to uplift the level of education in the country further. This will be specifically useful in eradicating the level of poverty and paving the way for a prosperous and economically resilient Ghana. This official help coming from the US Government is a very positive indicator for Ghana and its overall economic development. The role of education in eradicating poverty and other social ills is crucial, and now thanks to the US Government, Ghana is all set to make giant leaps in the field of education.

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