Brave Browser Stealing the Limelight in Spain: Overtakes Firefox in No Time

Brave Browser Gaining Limelight in Spain: Passes Firefox in No Time

Brave Browser Stealing the Limelight in Spain: Overtakes Firefox in No Time

Brave Browser, the privacy-focused browser, which was originally created to revolutionize the online advertising industry, has recently taken the huge strides in Spain. It is an open-source web browser, developed by the Brave Software, Inc. that blocks ads and website trackers. As such Brave Browser is on the 10th rank on Google Play Store, the ranking is done based on the number of downloads made by the users.

This year has been a year of consistent growth for the software company, with more than 8 million monthly active users. This shows that the company has been able to successfully launch its crypto incentivized advertising model among the users, especially in Europe. As also, Brave ranks second in Japan in the communications category on the Google Play store app, surpassing big names like Skype, Facebook Messenger, and Yahoo Mail. According to a post made on behalf of Reddit, Brave has climbed up from 26th rank to 10th ranks in the communications category on the Google Play Store app.

Overtaking Mozilla Firefox is the recent advancement made by Brave, which has been lauded by the entire world of users. The announcement spread like wildfire after a user by the username Wega58 shared the stats on the internet. According to the user, the desktop version of Brave mirrored the popularity of its Android app and thus was much harder to track.

However, every new mission has to face criticisms and likewise, Brave browser had to face its part of criticism. The criticisms mainly came from Reddit users who said that the amount of attention Brave is getting does not guarantee a better ecosystem. This is, however, true to some extent, as the number of downloads made is not the only factor in app ranking, but is certainly one of the important factors. That way, Brave has come up a long way and is being frequently used by the users.

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