Ericsson Wants to Start Manufacturing 5G Network Devices in India

Ericsson Wants to Start Manufacturing 5G Network Devices in India

Ericsson Wants to Start Manufacturing 5G Network Devices in India

Due to the increasing demand for 5G technology in India, Ericsson is planning to manufacture 5G products for domestic consumption and exports.

The head of the Ericsson in India, Nitish Bansal stated that everyone in India is eagerly waiting for the device with 5G technology. People want to understand the technology and get solutions to their problems. He continued that many telecom operators are showing interest in 5G technology, but they are facing issues in making the spectrum affordable to the people.

After introducing the 5G networks in India, there will be an enhancement in the mobile broadband companies. Smartphone users will get better facilities and experiences. It will fix the wireless access issue by providing fiber speeds without any wired lines to the home. 

Nunzio Mirtillo is the head of the Asian market. He said that India got 4G radios last year. Now, it is time to release 5G technology in India.

Nokia is currently manufacturing 5G radios in Chennai. According to the recent news, Nokia has already produced 20,000 5G sites in Chennai.

According to the latest report by Ericsson mobility, the world’s highest data usage per smartphone in India is increased to 9.8 GB. As per the predictions, the monthly data usage in India will increase by up to 11%, i.e., 18 GB by 2024. It is because people are investing their time in internet streaming.

Due to the advancement in technologies, people are upgraded from old to new technology. There is a 38% subscription of 4G in India, which will increase by 82% by 2024. In India, LTE is continuously growing, which is expected to grow from 450 million in 2018 to 1.16 billion in 2024.

A study by Ericsson found that people in India can pay for the 5G services with more than the 66% premium. Bansal also said that the introduction of 5G would not vanish 4G.

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